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  • Landscape Adventures Season 1
    A series of ten episodes documenting my learning journey while photographing landscapes. Watch the trailer now!
  • The Death of the Phone Call
    A five-minute phone call can provide more clarification than a chain of one hundred emails, so why are so many people so averse to picking up the phone?
  • See me in action!
    I love spending time outdoors. I love the isolation, the ambience, the peace. I love sitting quietly and watching nature doing what nature does. Give me the the serenity of the fields over the hustle and bustle of city life any day of the week! Expect honesty, humour, frustration, growing pains, and a peaceful vibe, but most of all – expect authenticity.
  • Free Zoom Backgrounds!
    After being called out for the sight of my shirt drying on the wall during a networking event, I decided to take advantage of the Virtual Background feature in Zoom. After a little thought, I remembered that I have a whole pile of unused pictures that other people might enjoy using as backdrops too. I’ve selected seven of my favourites and posted them here for you to download for personal use.
  • Covering a protest in the middle of a pandemic
    I really struggled morally with this. I wanted to be there to document a piece of social history unfolding and to be able to contribute an accurate pictorial representation of the mood. But I also wanted to stay safe.
  • 7 free productivity apps for freelancers
    I’m always finding what appear to be new and exciting apps, but so often they turn out to be useless or limited without a costly subscription to a premium service. Here I list my top 7 free productivity app for freelancers. Number 5 is my favourite.

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