Guy Wah is a Brighton-based photographer specialising in character portraits, event photography, and cats. He hates talking about himself in the third person, but it felt necessary to open this paragraph in that way, although he can’t quite quantify the reason for that. He will write the rest of this page in the first person instead.

I’ve always been a creative soul. As well as working a photographer, I also work as an actor, a writer, a musician and a comedian. Prior to this I worked for ten years in event management. All of these skills have fed into my photography work, enabling me to adjust to any given situation and work with even the most hesitant of subjects!

I offer a personal one-to-one service, helping you get the most out of your photoshoot. I love working with fellow creative professionals, and using my skills to help out community endeavours too.

I will work with you to generate a range of ideas for your shoot, from selecting locations to sourcing props and clothing. A make-up artist can be provided at cost.

I shoot on a mirrorless Fujifilm camera, and I have a selection of lighting equipment that I can bring to any office or indoor environment to create the perfect ambience for your shoot. Alternatively I can arrange a studio shoot to suit your budget, or if weather conditions allow we can use natural outdoor lighting.

A mirrorless camera can be set to silent, which means that I can work discretely. This allows me to shoot in live performance environments or catch wonderful candid moments at events.

If you would like a no-obligation quote for your event, please call or text me on 07890 063830 / 01273 033555, use the contact form, or use this link to schedule an informal phone chat. I work primarily across East and West Sussex, but I’m more than happy to provide a quote for working anywhere in the world. I also have a large base of family and friends in Leicestershire – so I’m often in the Midlands too!

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