Cat Photographer – Safety Statement

Cat photographer picture - Picture of a black cat with sunlight streaking across her

As a responsible cat photographer, and in order to do everything possible to ensure the security of our feline friends, I’ve put together some self-enforced guidelines for my Brighton Cat Snapper project.

  1. I never post details of the location of any of the cats I photograph.
  2. I never reveal where I am going to be beforehand – I often don’t know myself anyway!
  3. Obvious location indicators (street signs, car number plates etc.) are removed from the photos.
  4. Contact details on collars are removed prior to publishing.

If you spot something that I may have missed, please do get in touch and I’ll remove it as soon as I can.

If you would like me to remove a picture of your cat for any reason, please get in touch and I’ll do so without question. And you’re still more than welcome to have the photos for your own personal use, of course!

I also ensure that I conduct myself professionally at all times:

  • I wear my Brighton Cat Snapper branded hoodie and/or t-shirts whenever possible, so I’m easily visible and people know what I’m doing.
  • I’m fully insured.
  • I never trespass on private property, and I never take photographs of cats inside their homes without the owner’s permission.
  • I never feed or entice a cat in any way other than to get low and offer my hand. If it runs away, I take the hint!
  • Covid-19 update: During these times, I keep a significant distance away, and don’t touch any cats I find.

The Brighton Cat Snapper project is in constant development. If you have a suggestion for something I can do differently, please get in touch. I’m always happy to hear ideas as a developing cat photographer!

Check out my full Brighton Cat Snapper gallery at this link!