Licensing images

I know that we all love a good cat photo, and it’s tempting to download my pictures for your own personal or commercial use, but please consider that creating intellectual property is how I make my living, and that using my images without explicit written permission is against the law.

I can provide high-resolution copies of Brighton Cat Snapper images to the human slaves of each featured cat free of charge if you drop me an email.

If you’d like to license the use of any image on this website for any purpose (social media, advertising, marketing etc.) then please get in touch. I offer very reasonable rates. You can find a selection of my images available for licensing at Picfair.

Unfortunately, if you don’t get in touch, and I find that you’ve used one of my images without prior written permission, I will assume that you are happy to pay a fee of £500 within seven days of billing and invoice you thusly. Please don’t make me do that, it doesn’t feel good.

Comedian Guy Wah's face, coloured red with a shouty expression
Please don’t steal my images, or you might see me do this face.