Pet Photographer

I love being a pet photographer!

You need a pet photographer that does more than just take photos, and as I grew up with pets around me all the time, I have a natural rapport with most animals. From Fleur, our first King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, to Toffee, our ginger cat who lived to 15 years old. They were part of our family and when the time came for them to depart, I was heartbroken every time.

We lived in a time when disposable film cameras were all we could afford, and no-one in my family was a skilled photographer. As a result we have very few photos of any of our dogs, or our cat Toffee. Pet Photography wasn’t a thing then, and it certainly wasn’t something we could do on our phones – they were still well and truly wired in to the wall!

We didn't have a pet photographer when I was younger
This picture of a picture is the only photo I have of my beloved Toffee.
Pet photography - all animals catered for!
A framed print makes a great keepsake!

Professional Pet Photography

That’s why I offer a professional cat photography and dog photography service. I’m also happy to photograph any other weird and wonderful pets you may have – get in touch if you’d like to discuss any other form of pet photography.

I cannot deny that I have a natural bias towards photographing cats (resulting in my Brighton Cat Snapper project), but I love characterful dogs too! I had three dogs growing up and they were all King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. Fleur, Poppy and the deaf but loud Kandi were always lots of fun to be around!

If you’d like me to take some great photos of your furbabies in the comfort of your own home or garden (or indeed in a local park or beach), use this link to check my availability or book now, or call or text me on 01273 033555 or 07890 063830. And don’t worry, I’m fully house-trained! (And perhaps more importantly, fully-insured!)

Purrfect PlusUp to 90-minute shoot
10 edited photos
Selection from online gallery
Free framed A4 print
£147 Buy now
Purrfect Package45-minute shoot
5 edited photos
Selection from online gallery
£97 Buy now
Purrfect For All30-minute shoot
3 edited photos
Selection from online gallery
£67Buy now
ExtrasFramed A4 print
Extra edited images
Travel outside of Sussex
£5 each
£1 per mile

Check out my pet portfolio for more pet photography examples!


“These are all amazing, thank you! It’s so nice to see him on a photo where he’s not just an unidentifiable blob. The hyper-realistic ones are a nice touch as well, I think we’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to framing one.” Matthew Beck, for Cat Photography

“Guy, great pictures. I think that you have really captured their character and the moment, given how un-cooperative they were I am really pleased.” Kevin Mannall, for Dog Photography