Photography & Covid-19

In these times of limited social interaction, I want you to know that I am taking all relevant measures to ensure the safety of everyone.

My partner has a life-limiting disability that puts her in the highest of the high-risk categories, so for each and every shoot (and in my everyday life), I need to ensure that I am doing everything I can to reduce the risk of carrying the disease.

Me in a medical mask

Here are the things I am doing to help prevent the spread of Covid outside of photography situations:

I do not leave the house unless:

  • I am doing my shopping, collecting medication, running important errands (see below), or working one-on-one with another person in an open area
  • I am going into the South Downs or another isolated area for landscape photography

While I am out:

  • I carry hand sanitiser with me at all times (with a spare in my car) and use it after touching ANYTHING in public
  • I only shop at quiet times (usually just before stores close) and I wear a mask while doing so
  • I maintain a minimum two-meter distance from other people – usually more – and if this isn’t possible then I abandon my task and come back to it later

At home:

  • All packaging entering the house is wiped down with 70% alcohol (including shopping and deliveries)
  • I wash my hands immediately after touching any item entering the house from the outside

Your shoot

The requirements of each type of photography, as well as the individuals involved, mean that each booking will have its own requirements. I will work with you to make sure that you and anyone else in attendance feels safe at all times. Here are some guidelines:

Pet Photography

  • Where possible the shoot should take place outdoors
  • If this is not possible I will maintain a minimum one-meter distance from any other people in the house, and wear a mask at all times

Lockdown Headshots

  • Shoots takes place outdoors in the open air
  • A two-meter distance is necessary for headshot photography regardless of Covid!
  • I wear a mask

Event Photography

I will only work at events that are able to prove that they have implemented Covid-19 Secure procedures.

  • I maintain a two-meter distance from all attendees where possible
  • I wear a mask for the duration of the event
  • I only bring in equipment that is absolutely necessary to shoot the event
  • I follow guidelines issues by the Association of Photographers

Escape Room Lockdown Special

Please see the guidance on my Escape Room Lockdown Special page, where I explain the process in detail.

After EVERY Shoot

  • All equipment is wiped down with 70% alcohol spray
  • All my clothes go straight into the wash
Me wearing a mask and pointing an antibacterial spray at the camera

Working with you

Ultimately, getting the best photographs requires you to feel safe and secure. If there is something else that you would like me to do to help achieve that, then I’m very open to working around your requirements. After all, anything that keeps you safe is likely to keep me safe as well!

You can call, text or email me any time with any questions you might have, or use my online diary to book a free consultation over the phone.

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